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08 09 2015 together we reach for the bottom

Together we reach for the bottom

The process of each day begins with us. Each person involved. Either those doing nothing, or those doing everything. The process is an end result to success. Being the best of the worst for us never was about fame or fortune, but changing the systems. Changing the game for those starting out. Maybe even more so for those still in the game after ten years wishing they could get their opportunity. Whatever it is, we all have our part to play. In Top of the Bottom Pile or near us.

This community needs to stand together for something more than “who is the funniest”, but what can we do with togetherness. I know, that sounds silly now, but think about the comedians you consider friends. You love working with them, you love being around them. The truth is, you need one another. We all need one another. When everything is said and done, you have your part to play while they have their part to play. We should, however, always know we can make it better together.

Changing the game begins with doing something different than what others have been doing their whole life in entertainment. What if there was another way? What if we could break the system and find out there is more to life than just working to be the funniest person out there? I think it is important to remember successful people are always keeping it fresh, and always doing something more productive than the normal beginner. You can’t start on top till you begin at the bottom!

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!