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On Top of the City

New York City has become our home stomping ground. Some consider California, others Chicago and even a few more call Boston their home. To us, NYC is where we spent most of our days chillin and relaxing… okay maybe those are lyrics, but we are all New York Comedians. There is a responsibility to having that title. This is the Mecca of comedy. Or so history suggests. In the 80’s and early 90’s there were comedy clubs everywhere and now there are only the Symbols of humor staying alive. 

There is such a grand history which makes running the streets of NY priceless. It’s a responsibility which we take on proudly. But comedy is the least of the system when it comes to walking down to Comic Strip Live, or to Gotham Comedy, and even relaxing at The Stand. Clubs are there for congregation. These are our churches, temples, places of worship. We might now always pray when we are there, but we are listening, learning, and building beautiful relationships. 

It seems almost counterproductive to be doing what we do; being relationships, pushing our Brand, and practicing our art. But, truth is, it is getting us where we want to be. In the center of everything. It allows us to be around the people we respect the most, and the clubs which maintain the game. Be it up town, midtown, or downtown, our goal is to continue to grow among our fellow Peers and enjoy this adventure as we climb from the Top to the Bottom Pile!

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!