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Top of the bottom pile

Comedy is Funny

The business of comedy starts with a joke. You can be a joke, tell a joke, hear a joke. What is it that makes all that funny? The humor of comedy is a mixture of all three. We can make anything happen as comedians. Top of the Bottom Pile is continuously fighting through change, understanding and the humor of the business. We are all about working together even when we’re not together. That’s one thing we have learned with Top of the Bottom Pile.

In the passing few months people have moved on, others have joined and even more so big moves have been made. The team is working hard at building our personal brands to help explode the power of the Top of the Bottom Pile brand. Some of us have radio shows on Tuesdays, others just got signed with a manager for acting, and even more so, others are getting ready for auditions for comedy clubs. The system is here to allow us all to succeed. The support system is what keeps us going.

Positive growth is an idea that no one person is bigger than the other. When your mind finds fear in being overshadow opportunity is lost. Success for one is success for all. One thing that has to maintain the fuel of Top is keeping our standards pure and purposeful. Respecting possibility in teamwork, individuality, and supporting the life of us entertainers is the goal. All the greats work together, why would doing it on your own as an unknown work differently? The best part of the bottom is the top!

Top of the Bottom Pile : The best of the worst, your second best choice!