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09 05 15 Screaming from the bottom

Screaming from the bottom

“I want my chance!”, “I deserve my chance!”, “I am funnier than everyone, give me my chance!”. This is something that is said far too often in the scene. Followed by a response of maybe “Write more”, “Perform more”, “You have to pay your dues”. But these are all just sayings. Ramblings from a mountain top consumed with Flags. How loud can you scream to get the attention needed?

We don’t want our chance. Because wanting something means it is outside our control and nowhere near in our own grasp. Action creates results. The length of time to succeed is dictated by effort. We don’t deserve our chance. Chance is a risk. It is a gamble. Why gamble against the house? Opportunity is a much better word. Opening doors to opportunity through effort. We are not the funniest around.

But, we will keep running on the treadmill long after everyone else falls. Perseverance is key to a successful life. Longevity comes from helping up the people who fell on the way. The mountain had flags from the past on there and open spots for plenty of more. There is a way of thinking which leads us to understand the mountain is nothing to own, but to walk upon while traveling to the next moment.

“The mountain has a view beautiful to see, enjoy it, then more on, for there are many views beyond.”

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!