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08 30 15 Bottoms up
Bottoms up!

The success of others is the success of us. What does that even mean? One of our Pile Brothers was passed at Comic Strip Live after his audition. Roger and Thomas have theirs coming up soon. He was passed in a way that made us all a little proud inside. He got no bad criticism from the owner. He was the most confident on stage, and he knew his material.

What makes this event all the more special is he did it the Pile way. The way of changing the game. We want people to explore outside routes from the norm. Because, let us face it, the norm has hundreds of thousands of comedians fighting for their chance. What if there was another way? Well, there is, and our Pile Brother, Kenny Murdock (The guy with glasses) did it another way from the norm.

The idea is that we work to support one another. Either a part of the pile or not. This game is big enough for all of us to be working together. There are other routes to the top, and all the boys are doing it. Staying focused, working their craft, building relationships and even growing a Brand. All we can say is that the Bottom went up the other night, and there is still more happening! To the Top!

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!