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09 13 15 At the top of the hour

At the Top of the hour

Radio has come the way of our very small hill top! BBox Radio has asked us to have a show. But why do a radio show? Rather, an internet show? There must be something bigger going on than just speaking on radio to be heard and seen! Everything we do, everything people do, should affect everything leading to the top of their mountain.

There are two kinds of people; People who do to be seen and reap the rewards of attention and then there are Givers. Top of the Bottom Pile lives by a deep message to always be helping. Rise together, be the best of the worst and help one another. If not to see the world of hope giving opportunity, then to see everyone working to make this business of entertainment a better environment.

This show is a great chance to build on that message and open doors for others to express themselves! Our goal is to also educate others on the process of how this business, or any business, works. The behind the scenes aspects of it all. Get named celebrities to come in and talk about how and when it was that moments started happening for them. Let’s rise to the Top of the hour!

“Everyone begins at the bottom, why not embrace the journey together to the top!”

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!