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Switching it up

At times it feels like we are never seen on stage and thus have little value in the eyes of other specific comedians. Is performing the end all be all of comedian or not to comedian? Maybe it is. If you are not performing comedy, then you are not a comedian, you are just a fan of comedy. Walking around and becoming friends with other comedians, club owners, and people who love to laugh.

Sure, it seems, at times that we would appear to be fans of comedy. It comes off that way because we are fans of comedy. That is why we love being around its environment. But we are also comedians; real life stand up on stage and tell jokes comedians. Do we perform as often as other comics? Depends on the season and time of the year. Also, if a tree falls in the forest and no one sees it…

Trees everywhere! Comedy is a skill learned through doing. Perform and you will become. However, truth be told, writing jokes and getting into the business of being a comedian makes you a comedian. Switching it up, we’re going another route. Instead of doing open mics, or bringer shows, we have to change the game by changing how we play the game. Inspire others that process is malleable.