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12 06 15 Cold Winter Breeze

Cold Winter Breeze

This is the time of the year where those comedians willing to sacrifice are put through the grinder. The ice cold grinder. Spring, Fall, and even Summer, have a little give and take to the weather and wear and tear of whether we should or should not go out. Winter however is a stay at home cause. But you can’t. You have to get up and go out. Because you must be working toward your goal 365 days a year.

Jackets, scarves, and hats, are simply some of our favorite things. Depending on how bundled you get really adds to how hot you are in clubs. Carrying enough to stay warm outside leads to being super hot inside. Either way, we will be having our second winter in the city this year. That’s pretty exciting to know that we have gone from one location to another and all these things are happening.

Embrace that cold winter breeze and move on forward. Because every step forward is the next step up. You have to keep active out there in comedy, acting, in life. You have to be moving. Where are you moving to is important too. And we know that we want to be involved, and we want to help anyone and everyone. So let us keep building this pile and keep climbing to the top of the bottom pile!

Top Of The Bottom Pile!