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09 26 15 festivals and volunteering at the bottom

Festivals and volunteering at the bottom

Last weekend was a chance for a few members of Top of the Bottom Pile to go and help out. That’s the name of the game. Helping, working together and making a difference. To change the game, one must become the change they want to see. So our team jumped on a chance to volunteer for the ‘Woodstock Comedy Festival‘ to bring awareness to domestic abuse and human trafficking.

None of us performed. It was all about giving back to the business we all love. Besides, we had a chance to Network, Market, and Practice our beliefs of being involved and changing the game to a selfless team mentality on our trip from bottom to top! The town was beautiful, embracing, and they had a drum circle on Sunday. Hippies! Talk about fun! Loved it very much!

Watching how a festival is ran from the inside is extremely valuable. It gave an insight on process. Something to think about when performing at these events. A lot of stress, and work, go into making festivals a big success. So next time we are involved on a performer level, we know to give the people working their space. Let them do what they do so we can do what we do.

“The system doesn’t run itself. It takes everyone from the top to the bottom to get it going right!”

Top of the Bottom Pile: The best of the worst, your second best choice!