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Collaborating with other artists is one of our favorite parts of the game. Like minded people, out for success, who are willing to work with one another to share the opportunities is one of the core principles that Top of the Bottom Pile lives by, so the constant search for those to be creative with is abundant. Top has lined up opportunities for a documentary about what we are trying to accomplish, and also be part of a book launch for Jax Miller’s “Freedom’s Child”.

It’s a great honor to be recognized amongst peers, and we are thrilled to take part in these projects. As entertainers, artists, and creators it’s almost essential to us to be using our brains and working on something, and the ability to do it along side others trying to achieve the same goals and ideas shows that a unified effort means we all can reap the rewards. This makes us want to give back where we can as well and it’s selfless people that always get the call first in our book. We’ve said it all along; we don’t have to be in competition. We can do this together.

This will only lead to stronger relationships, more art, and a bigger pie for everyone. Along with all that Top of the Bottom Pile is already involved in we know that our plate is full. That’s how we like it, and that’s how we see it being from this point on. We are only as busy as we are willing to be, and what we do one month, we have to try to duplicate at the very least the next. Stay relevant, stay humble, stay diligent and as always…

Stay Piled.
Top of the Bottom Pile