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Another round of Comedy Clubs this past week. The Pile loves frequenting spots as many times as we can because of all the camaraderie and new people we meet. There’s a million stories, all with something to relate to and you always come out finding a little bit of yourself in them. This past week we had the pleasure of meeting with Richie Tienken, owner of The Comic Strip Live, which has been slinging the laughter since 1975. Richie has helped comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Gilbert Godfried, and Adam Sandler get their starts and even lent a helping hand in guiding some of their careers.

After a nice sit down, Richie was nice enough to impart his wisdom from being in the business so long, and even shared a few inside stories including how Eddie Murphy almost didn’t make Saturday Night Live. This is a prime example of someone who doesn’t owe anyone a lick of time giving a few upstarting Comedians a little heart to heart, something the Pile is very big on; sharing experiences and giving back. Richie had a plethora of memories, and I hope he saw in us the excitement to hear them, as we saw the passion in which he recited them.

We can now add The Comic Strip Live to an ever growing list of places that are truly homes for Comedians. The Staff reflects true professionalism and a lot of the values that we’ve built this brand on, and there’s always a great line up of Comedians trying to give you the best experience possible. This, among numerous other things, is exactly why it is becoming a place we love to frequent.

Stay Piled, friends

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