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An object in motion stays in motion and we here on the Pile are objective to not making moves. We’re out there, shaking hands and creating the opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall in our laps. There is no waiting for breaks around here, we’re out to make breaks by breaking out into the things. You can break a leg by chance, but is it a clean break or something that will linger for the rest of your life? In this case, we want the hard work and pain associated with the risk of failing. You must fail to succeed.

Your time is valuable, so if it’s not spent furthering your happiness, are you managing the clock or is it managing you? We don’t believe in counting the clock until punch out because we’re always ticking. If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean and we remember that whenever we find ourselves in a mess. Relationships to sustain and grow, presentation to tighten up, and always learning. That’s how success stays prevalent.

There’s luck and then there’s hard work, and we choose the latter in this instance. Luck is chance, and chances are fleeting. You have this moment now guaranteed to you. And after reading that sentence, you now have this one. It’s impossible to move forward walking toward the past and sometimes you can find yourself mired in the present. The time isn’t found on a clock, the time is now. Find happy, find good enough, be proactive.

Stay Piled.
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