Build while you build.

So many times you hear that there is a specific way to do things. An order to it which has to be followed in order to obtain the success and goal you have set for yourself. If you don’t do it a certain way you will never make progress. This would make it seem that there is no room for error or improvisation, which truthfully if you think about it, goes almost against human nature. We are a variable species, with a ton of curve balls thrown our way every day. It’d be nice if everything was a 90mph pitch down the middle, but that’s not how it goes so why does your success have to follow a single trajectory?

Pioneers. Trail blazers. The purple dot in a sea of red. The ones who don’t follow the beaten path and create roads of their own often find themselves in the at the finish line with the rest of the pack and often find themselves there before the crowd. Why? They looked at their goal from all sides.

To the Pile, this is the Comedy life for us. So many people say you have to do it a certain way, you have to follow these avenues to get to the end all the while they are neglecting other important parts that they claim you need to do after you’ve mastered a certain aspect of your career. The prime example being they feel they have to be totally funny, the best they can be, killing crowds every single night effortlessly before they begin to work on the brand and relationship side of things.

Our question: Why can’t you do things at the same time?

While we perfect our acts, we’re cultivating relationships, building our brand and increasing our presence both in the community and online. This way, when the time comes and we start getting noticed, we have legs to stand on. Imagine being so funny, or so good at your job, and then when it gets the recognition, you get turned away because no one knows your work. There’s no audience or support to your terrific talent, so you get passed up again until you can draw. Build while you build.

Stay piled, friends.
Top of the Bottom Pile