As movements tend to do, they gather up steam and snowball into something much bigger than originally anticipated. Though we started off as a threesome, we’ve decided that when you meet someone who shares a similar vision to yours, you want to work with them and that’s exactly what happened with the newest member of Top of the Bottom Pile and we are now a fierce foursome. You will however have to wait till April 1st to find out exactly who is this mysterious new member.

This is exciting for us because as many of you have read and joined in the conversation you’ve seen how many times we are met with adversity in the field. Narrow minded individuals who think there is only one path to success. Though we go off course every once in awhile, we assure you, whether following traditions or blazing our own trails, we have created avenues for ourselves to succeed so it was refreshing when we first encountered this new individual, and eventually watching our relationship grow over time, we were elated to find he felt working with us would be just as beneficial for him.

So the pile grows and with this comes more audience to reach, more goals to accomplish and a lot of work ahead. However, together we can split up this work so that no load is more overbearing on a person than any other which will keep us from getting burnt out. All the while, building toward something that we individually wanted but now as a team, the success can be shared by multiple people with the same results just with more support and organization which eventually leads to less work.

Stay piled, friends.

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