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No one’s role in life is any less or more important than the next person. We are not defined by our work role, our monetary stability, or the car we drive as all of these material things don’t fuel our daily interactions. You may have obtained them through your integrity, but in the end that’s all for naught when we are ready to leave. How you treated people and left your mark on them is what truly counts. A man can be measured by memories that creep in late night, not by his possessions, but by the length of his funeral procession.

You only get one chance to touch lives in this lifetime, so why not say ‘Hello’ and be as nice to everyone as you can? Even if your goal is business related, having a relationship cultivated, a positive one, with as many people as you can encounter can only help you later on down the road. Who do you think a person values more? Someone who walks in off the street, or even from within the company, whom just seeks the position or the person who asks about their family, their well being? Who took the extra time to connect on a personal level. My money is on the latter.

We recently encountered, as we do too often, someone who can’t seem to grasp that principal. This person didn’t take the time to say ‘Hello’, however we did and their reaction to this was cold and closed off. They even seemed to go out of their way to mock us when we were simply doing one of the most important things to being successful; building your network. He thought he brought us down a peg, but all he succeeded in doing was leaving a bad taste in our mouths, and a want to never work with him in the future.

That closed off an opportunity for him and in a business such as Comedy, or any field for that matter, opportunity is precious. This man’s integrity, or lack there of, has prevented him from exploring an avenue. By sticking to our moral code and mission statement, we will avoid poisonous people such as this man and continue to prosper.

Stay piled, friends.

Top of the Bottom Pile