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So many Comics get wrapped up in the idea of “I have to be brilliant before I can be a brand. I have to get so good at my craft that everyone loves me right off the bat and I become this huge success and get to live my dream.” We are doing both. People love the journey, so just posting pictures of ourselves at an Open Mic or hanging out with like minded people can do almost just as much for us as slaying a crowd.

People may find you funny but once you’re off stage, that set ends and what you shared stays there. They want to be able to connect with you to create conversation beyond the stage and they do this because they buy into you as a brand. They are interested in what you have to offer and little things like an Instagram, Twitter, or blog can keep the interaction going long after the performance.

Getting people interested and talking about you is a way to the top. Let people buy into you as you’re getting better and those people will stick to you throughout your career because that’s what it’s all about; getting people to buy into your brand — what you’re selling. Those will be the people, when your craft is perfected, saying “Well we were there since the beginning. We’ve watched you grow as an artist, we watched the foundation get built and now see what is built on top of it” and they’ll be just as valuable as the people you pick up when it’s all nice and neat and in a little bow.

Our website is our social hub for people to find out who we are, what we’re up to and if they’d like to talk with us, here’s how you can do it and meanwhile we haven’t said a thing about performing. It may sound cliche, but if it’s already built when they come, you’re seemingly one leg up on the foundation already. Lay the groundwork, and reap the benefits as you learn. You’re going to have to do it all anyway, why put a time frame on “getting perfect” first, if you can just do it all little but little as you go?

Stay piled, friends.