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Last week we touched upon what it meant to give your conversation direction so you don’t wind up mired in a talk that is going nowhere. When we initiate a conversation with someone, we for the most part have an idea of why we are having it, or where we want it to go. In the social examples we’ve provided, it’s a bar setting and you’re trying to get someone you’ve fancied your eye on to see value or interest in you.

For us, it’s a more business sided reasoning. We want to alert people to our brand, to get them interested in what we’re doing in Comedy without us telling them we are Comedians. They figure out for themselves through conversation with direction, rather than “selling” it to them. This works effectively because it gives the person the illusion that they’ve discovered the information themselves, which to the human psyche/ego is more important than being bombarded with what we’re trying to do.

We may start a conversation off in public with something as simple as the weather, but soon, through asking and answering various questions, we’re directing that conversation ultimately toward us being Comedians. This is achieved by short, concise answers which slowly but surely creep toward, “Well I’m a Comedian”. The weather turns into the weather in New York, since we were in Manhattan this weekend.

“Yeah, it was brutally cold in the Manhattan this weekend.”

“What were you doing in Manhattan?”

“I had a gig.”

“Oh? You’re a performer?”

“Yes, I’m a Comedian.”

“That’s so interesting! I love Comedy, where can I see you?”

“Well, you can take my card and check my website to see all my dates.”

Instead of just beating around the bush with various, dull conversation for a huge chunk of time, or even worse, telling that person that I am a Comedian and they should come out to my show, I let them discover the information for themselves, thus seeming they are making a choice to come see me, as opposed to being sold on coming to one of the Top of the Bottom Pile shows. This demonstrates your value to that person through listening, and responding as well as achieving your objective of brand awareness.