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Being nice to everyone is just as powerful a tool as any that we will present for you here in this blog. Even if not utilized in a business aspect, it can help you go far in just about any avenue in life you decide to venture down. Except maybe drug dealing, but this is not the place to be if you’re looking for an 8ball. The only drug we deal in is success and it’s a high you can’t obtain from any street Pharmacist.

A genuine niceness is a beautiful compliment to a great attitude. It’s the cherry on top, so to speak, when dealing with people in your every day ventures. As far as business goes, when establishing relationships you want to be a positive go-to for a colleague. No one is going to want to approach you with ideas for work or a project if you never seem personable or approachable. If all you have is negative input, how does that further anything?

You never know who someone is, who someone knows, or who someone is going to be. Part of being successful is hanging out with like-minded people. Sure, people with negative attitudes can hang out with one another, but I think Hitler proved pretty well where that leads. Go-getters with uplifting spirits will do just that; go up. The sky is the limit, and should you eventually fall, that is far drop. You want people there willing to catch you and soften the blow, so just be nice. You’ll be surprised how far it can get you.

They say the nice guy finishes last, but I’m willing to bet that the nice guy is standing in the same spot repeatedly taking the shots and shouldering the burden for all. I’d love to see the nice guy keep that attitude, but take steps forward for himself and not others. Include others in the journey, but have a goal set for himself in the process.

Stay piled, friends.

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