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Time makes you bolder, websites get older. I’m getting older too. That’s how the lyrics go, right? Fleetwood Mac was singing about their website lapsing, I’m pretty sure. You never want to let your website expire; you spent so much time driving traffic to it and establishing your brand in this space, that it would be silly to not budget accordingly to have the fees for renewal. We had to renew topofthebottompile.com this month after it’s first year.

Which really put it into perspective for us; we’ve been climbing further to the top of the bottom pile for over a year. The website is an intricate part of looking professional. A website is a nice little niche you carve out for yourself on the internet. Sure, you can have a Facebook, but that’s a brand created for yourself within the brand of Facebook. Having your own website really makes your product stand out. It’s the go to place for all things you and one would be shocked how many times people who consider themselves professionals don’t have one.

With a website, it says to someone “Hey! This is to be taken seriously. Someone invested hard earned money to promote something they believe in, and it is worthy of our time.” A website, business cards, postcards, they are all things you can do for yourself to make your brand get a leg up on the competition. New and old fans alike will have one stop on your journey to find a hub of everything going on with you. This will only help you reach that target audience your are out to acquire.

Stay piled, friends.

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