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This past week we checked out a show at Gotham Comedy Club called “The Sisters of Comedy”. It was a showcase of talent where every comic was of African descent. We weren’t just hanging around hoping to get a spot as there would be nowhere we fit for the obvious reason; we’re not females. We were there to experience a different side of Comedy, with material we can not possibly write ourselves since we have no experience as Women. It was a time to just sit back and enjoy our colleagues work on their craft.

It was a terrific experience. Every lady was just as funny as the last and it really showed how we support the cause more than exploit it. We don’t have to be put on stage every time we pop into a performance because there’s much more going on off stage than there is on. Making our peers laugh is almost as valuable as making an audience laugh, to us anyway. The friendships we built that night are going to blossom accordingly with how we treat them, and much like flowers, that is a beautiful thing.

You don’t have to be a Comedian to follow the advice we give. Your job in itself can utilize a lot of the teachings throughout this blog. Be nice to everyone, talk WITH people and not TO them, and learn the importance of building the foundations for relationships. The more people you know, and the strength of the bonds of that network can only help you, not hinder you. There will be no snakes in the grass, because snakes don’t build relationships, they exploit shortcuts and easy moves. In the long run however, they will fall, and on the way down no one will be there to catch them.

Stay Piled, friends.