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The Pile is back in the high life again.

After a brief hiatus to get ourselves situated and cozy in our new digs, the Pile hit Manhattan to once again work at cultivating our relationships with our colleagues and peers. Hopping on the subway, hopping off, and making our way around the square that is this Gotham of ours, we hit a few of our favorite spots. Naturally, there were laughs to be had with old friends and new friends alike.

It was nice to be welcomed back, even after such a long absence. Which is of course, the value of building these relationships. It shows us that the Comedy World is just as receptive to us as we are to it, and that’s a good feeling. Especially when it’s so important to the basic principles of the Pile. A nice validation comes from seeing our friends in Comedy welcome us back with open arms.

This of course can only lead to doors opening as these people we talk and keep in contact with will be the the ones holding them open. We will do the same for them when the time presents itself because if there’s one basic, underlying theme through all these blogs, we return the favor. Take that into consideration, ladies. If we’re so generous with the people that our supposed to be “our competition”, just think of how we could send waves through your tight little bodies.

Stay piled, friends.

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