This week, the Pile took a lot of focus on one of the most important factors in our success; practice. Now, a lot of you probably think that we got up on stage, and we found out what jokes hit with what audience and assessed from there. You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption, however, you would be wrong in assuming it’s the only thing we have to practice.

Behind the curtain there are a multitude of tasks one must accomplish to stay focus. Managers, owners, business persons alike whom all are well versed in the practice of money and more interestingly, how you could make it for them.

However, it’s the tools you practice and utilize before you even get that opportunity that will only make that meeting much stronger when it comes. You can do this a number of ways. Pryor used to rehearse a “clean” set in his Living Room with his manager. No crowd. Just going over his set as if it were lines. No pun intended.

Conversation, believe it or not, is a huge factor in how you handle yourself professionally. Imagine sitting down at a table with a “big-wig” and all you have to talk about is the room decor. They’ll look at you like a total moron. You can practice conversation on line at the grocery store, at the bank, simply walking down the street. If they don’t respond, screw ’em! You still practiced your skills.

By instituting a strong core of ideals, and practicing our presence off just as much as on stage, we believe that success is no longer an idea, and now imminent. Outside of this blog lies a ton of examples of the simple structure we follow leading to all sorts of success both in business as well as following and making a reality out of your dreams.

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