We’ve been hinting at a big move for awhile now and we finally did it. The Pile made it’s way from a start-up company based smack dab in the middle of Long Island, to a budding business now based out of Brooklyn, New York. We could argue technicalities all day that Brooklyn is still part of Long Island, but there’s no denying the huge implications this move draws.

It’s amazing to us that we sat down a little over a year ago, mapped out a plan, and have now put that plan well into motion. The Pile imagines that our passion is enough to keep that big wheel turning, which of course means, Proud Mary will keep on burning. Proud Mary should probably see a Doctor, but we digress. To say we are excited about this is an understatement and we are glad you are here for this journey.

Naturally, we can’t stay stuck on this accomplishment for too long as there is still more to do. If the end goal was to move to an expensive city and dwindle away our savings, then we’d be popping champagne right now but alas it remains on ice. Set to focus and organize, the city is our Oyster and we plan to bust this baby right open.

Stay piled, friends.

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