You live, you learn, you get Luvs. We left that Pamper life behind eons ago.


One would think that where a tree plants it’s roots has everything to do with how that tree will grow. A more accessible water source, a climate less inclined to drought, and many other factors come into play. Yet it would seem that a tree has no choice as to where to plant it’s root, as it was brought to that area with wind and a little bit of luck. However, that tree had it’s choice to establish it’s vigor and allow it’s roots to spread, it simply could have just died.

The Pile is uprooting from Long Island and taking our drive and ambition westward. Not too far, only 60 some-odd miles away to Brooklyn, New York as we intend to carry out the next phase of our journey to achieving our dream. For what is New York City if not the mecca of Stand-Up? The ultimate water source for our roots, if you will allow such a bridge for a metaphor.

Our nutrients? The thriving Comedy scene at our fingertips. A vast network of roots in the jungle of entertainment. Together, we all make up the community. Working side by side, we can thrive as the jungle does not have to be a competition, but instead, a pool of resources we all can utilize. Help one another survive and there is no way we can fall.

We got your next dollar slice. Stay Piled, friends.

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