Thomas got a new dog which quickly asserted it’s dominance on Roger. Kenny tried to talk it out of it’s unfair ways, but was unsuccessful. We’re currently waiting in the rain for the dog to fall asleep; he truly is a King among Kings.

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A microphone is composed of copper, and aluminum mostly. Of course some plastic and it’s all neatly put together with wires and cased with more of the aforementioned materials. It’s plugged into an amp which directs the sound emitted and submitted for the enjoyment of the cilia that the sound waves will tickle, and, hopefully with a little luck, due so as well to the masses’ fancy.

Contrary to popular belief, or as it would seem so by performers today, it is not meat. So why do we as entertainers treat it as so? So much is invested on the notion of performing and getting a chance to satisfy that feeling to chomp at the proverbial bit, that we seem to forget that the others around us are just as important as ourselves.

Most feverishly attack at the opportunity to perform as if there aren’t other essentials to their success. A lack of effort in the art of amassing contacts of those with similar business goals as yourself will surely result in a window of possibility, but one would be wise to assume the window will only remain open for 15 minutes or so; quickly slamming shut as soon as those around him realize he is too cold to deal with.

Warm up to the idea of others. Let us use our brains and walk a few steps ahead of the horde, and let the shuffling of their feet be like nails on a chalkboard, motivating us to the Top of the Bottom Pile.

Stay Piled friends.

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