The camera closes in tight on a hormonal Roger Skai. Cut to Thomas J Bellezza preparing a Turkey sandwich only to be interrupted by Kenny Murdock, requesting no mustard on the whole wheat bread and for Roger to remove his prison of a shirt.


On September 23, 2001 The New England Patriots suffered a loss in Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, sidelined by a vicious hit. The already doomed Patriots, who were written off early on as a lost cause, were replaced at the helm by 6th Round Draft Pick Tom Brady. They went on to lose that game, however, afterward finished out with wins in 8 of their final 11 games.

That year, Tom Brady went on to lead the New England Patriots to the promised land in the Super Bowl and were regarded as one of the greatest underdog stories of all time. The rest is history, as the team would go on to win two more championships in 3 years. Every one was buzzing with the legend, and soon the Patriots would become one of the most dominant teams to take the field in the 21st Century.

But soon the magic would fade as the reality that Tom Brady was a great Quarterback and coupled with Bill Belichick’s excellent coaching, was destined for the Hall of Fame. Football fans would grow to loath a man they praised as a true hero of his craft for his continued success after his initial, unbelievable run.

The Pile is no stranger to this.

Three Comedians would soon join forces, spreading a message that we can all do this together. That despite the cutthroat environment, it is possible for people with the same goals to combine effort and support one another on a path to the top. As the force grew, the believers became skeptics. Not by any fault of the Comedians own, but rather through the reality that maybe, just possibly, they wouldn’t have to settle for anything less than their dream, those supporters soon fell quiet.

Why now, with such hope and a great sense of stability would they leave? We are stronger than ever in our efforts to unite one another with laughter. The Pile is spreading and the fundamentals we were founded on are coursing through the Comedy scene like never before. Join us as we change the game.

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