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•  “This Guy…” Entry 2 – Thomas J. Bellezza

About every other week the Top of the Bottom Pile team goes into the city. It’s exciting, adventurous and most of all it is a wonderful learning experience. We meet so many new faces, and get to be embraced by our familiar friends in this business of comedy entertainment. Over the past 8 months clubs have gotten to know us and let us become a part of their family.

There is one thing I keep finding myself bothered by in the community, which leads me to believe in what Top of the Bottom Pile is working hard to accomplish… is when I hear talented, smart, educated people bring themselves down. Both on stage and in this business. A joke goes bad, they say on stage “Well that didn’t work” or “Come on, that’s hilarious!” Keep the commentary down.

The audience loves the confidence in you, trust me. Just work your material and enjoy the ride. For the beginners especially. You may kill, but expect mostly to learn the first few years. Which brings me to the second part. Those who won’t make the necessary moves to create a foundation for when they are ready in their heads to make the leap from local to professional.

Network, Market, and Practice even if you feel you are not ready.

Come be the best of the worst on Top of the Bottom Pile