Thomas bought us all ham and said, “now go it.” Then he turned down, but Roger and I aren’t exactly sure for what. We’ll report back on that.

Thursday in New York City really showed us a lot about how the scene of Comedy can change day to day. Normally we would go in Fridays, stop by Gotham Comedy Club, enjoy a show and then proceed to do our rounds to all the other fine establishments we’ve come to endear. Switching it up, however, opened up a lot of new faces to us.

Not only a great opportunity to expand the network of Comics that have touched our journey with theirs, but just another chance to enjoy the laughter of new company, and of course some of the faithful we’ve come to encounter as well. Seriously! They’re out there every day hustling the yuck-yuck, and at the same time crafting a cornerstone of their career in building relationships.

They say the coin stops flowing so much for Comedy in the Summer time as patrons choose the sanctity of their own entertainment inside bars to beat the heat, however this is the time we as comics can utilize to cultivate relationships, so when things cool down and they need laughter in their belly-bells to generate some flush in those cheekies, we can provide just what the doctor ordered.

Stay Piled.

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