Thomas built a house of love inside me, and Roger tore it down. Gently at first, then at an absurd pace with a ferocity rivaled only by The Top of the Bottom Pile’s drive and determination.

Determination to turn around the average person’s perception of the avenue they must take to achieve success. Many are walking a long, dark path where someone could stab you with steel or flesh at any moment. Meanwhile, we’re just over here helping each other out and splitting up the work load and things are getting done. We’re setting smart, realistic goals and achieving them.

The goals we aren’t living up to our potential on, we re-work to make them more sensible and attainable. We help keep each other focused and striving forward. There’s no magic number of people either; whether you’re three or thirty, if everyone isn’t contributing an equal amount of work in the right direction, you’re going in circles.

Meeting people in your field, effectively and actively spreading the word of your cause, and always putting yourself in an opportunity to practice your craft are essential needs from every one in your effort. One uniform movement towards achievments acts as an umbrella for every individual brand. Pooling together resources like the water that falls, we could all bathe in the cool pool.

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