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• “This Guy…” Entry 1 – Thomas J. Bellezza

I think there is one great creator of possibility. Us as individuals. We create our opportunity by reaching out. By asking, by doing and most importantly we accomplish things by never giving up. Personally I try to embrace each entertainer I meet. I have come into a greater common reality that I would hope begins to change in this community of truth telling through humor.

I run into comedians who are either just beginning to those who have been doing it a while. There is a code of truth hiding in our inevitable relationship. That truth allows me to keep going. I live by a few rules but one that has done me well over the 17 years making a living in entertainment; “Always be nice to everyone. You never know who someone is or knows.”

When comedians push you aside it shows a lot of character. When they find out who you really are (in a good way) they want everything to do with you. Obviously people must earn respect, earn that they are more than a one time on the scene kind of person. The truth is, you never know who that person will be, is, or knows. Be kind to one another.

We’re a team, we are all the best of the worst working to stay on top.

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