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Roger Roofie’d Rachael Regularly. We fuckin’ love alliteration.

As the pile beings looking for an office, it makes us sit back and marvel at all we’ve accomplished in the short period we’ve been on the scene. A marketing campaign that includes stickers, an official website, and a budget for Pizza that’d make the Ninja Turtles cum gallons. 8 months ago we were huddling around each other for warmth, talking about goals for Top of the Bottom Pile, and now we’re looking for an office. Progress.

All the people that gave us a nod as we’d pass in the city who have now turned into cherished memory makers every time we step foot in Manhattan. So much so that we had to create a space for them on the Top of the Bottom Pile website. They truly make it worth the $26 it costs to take a train to New York City so often. Alright, that may have been a dig at the upcoming Long Island Rail Road strike.

The inspiration we’ve received as well as given to others in this journey can’t meet a price, though. We couldn’t get a raise of 17% over 7 years on these things, LIRR employees, because they’re priceless. They’re a testament to the hard work and dedication we as individuals have put forth. Sacrificing ourselves for a greater purpose and we can’t help but notice how each individual effort is as selfless as something so individual could be.

What I mean is we as Roger, Kenny, and Thomas do the work for Roger, Kenny and Thomas and somehow it benefits the aforementioned Roger, Kenny and Thomas. Crazy, huh?

Stay piled, friends.

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