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Thomas locked Kenny in Roger’s gym shorts hamper for 8 days. Kenny didn’t mind it so much.

This week, the Pile hit our local mall to interact with some of the public. You may ask yourself, “you guys are touring comedians; why in the World would you waste your time at Hot Topic?” The answer is simple; we love Adventure Time and by practicing our conversation skills with people hanging around, it can only help strengthen the ability to talk to people of note later on. Practice has been a common theme throughout these blogs, other than a slight tinge of homosexuality, and hopefully you’ve picked up on both.

By talking with people and not to them, you really gain insight into how diverse and extraordinary we truly all are. When you don’t try to dominate a conversation with things about you it more often than not tends to bring out the ‘we’. Share moments with people as opposed to compete for them and you will begin to find a new sense of interest in what’s going on around you. A lot of lull in conversation comes when people run out of things to say about themselves, instead of stretching the conversation like cocaine and baking powder, you run bright but you burn out too quickly. Sustain a moment by taking a true interest in what the person sharing that instance with you has to say.

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