As we cartwheeled down the hill, the amount of joy we felt could only be matched by the combined amount of blood in our quarter engorged respective dick tissue.

The Top of the Bottom Pile has decided to get jobs at 7-11. It’s a good corporate structure, we can start out as Cashier and quickly become store Managers. Each of us will do this for 3 separate 7-11 franchises and just kind of go crazy at the Christmas parties. Dance with Jewish Women, @Thomas J Bellezza with a Shirley Temple, @Roger Skai seductively using a stool to woo potential mates; just a real fuckin’ sexy time.

Or we could just invest our time and hard work into something we enjoy. Along the way @Kenny Murdock, maybe with or without pants, learns Mandarin and Calligraphy to woo a Chinese broad. Try something different. We have a friend who gets joy from doing Nuclear Physics. Can you believe that? We just want to entertain people. Invoke emotion in fellow human beings to remind them to feel.

We’ve spent countless nights in Hotel rooms snorting Oxycontin, but we’ve also snorted laughter and the fact of the matter is that Oxycontin is a far second to a good laugh. A close second. One time it was better, but for the most part, the percentage of good times we had were because of laughter. Thomas always because of laughter, as he’s Straight Edge like CM Punk. Hopefully he doesn’t quit like Punk did.

We’d be fine as 7-11 managers. Retire at 68 and go Golden Guys status in a house in Miami. However, we are entertainers. We want to live life as so. We will achieve this through teamwork and unity. It’s literally that simple.

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