We were just remembering when we used to jerk off to Cosmopolitan. Last week. Together.

We do a lot of things together. The amount of press, content, and overall workload that comes at us it would seem any of us alone would be destined to drown. However, as we attack every task as a team we can allocate responsibilities and take the pressure off one another to succeed under stress. When this all comes together, it will be that much more sweeter that we accomplished it as a team.

It takes a village to raise a child, but we’re not really trying to do that shit. We were children once and we were awful, but now we’re some grown ass men and we have business to take care of. Just look at how these blogs are written; they are written prominently featuring the word “we”. I do these blogs every week, but I always use “we”.


We are selfless. In an industry plagued by a “me” attitude; where selfishness runs rampant, a band of rogue entertainers came together and said, “it doesn’t have to be that way.” We’ve faced a lot of adversity to this point and yet still every week we come here with something new to tell.

Interviews, contacts, VIP treatment at the clubs. How? Teamwork. No one above any of the other and that’s the way it’ll be till the wheels fall off this shit. But we’re too well oiled of a machine. The lug nuts are tighter than ever so we suggest you bolt now. We’ve only just begun.

Stay piled.

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