Practice kissing on your hand, massaging on a pillow, and sex on a willing family member.

This week the Pile set out to work on a very important tool; conversation. Whether it was during one of our city adventures, or just randomly hitting the Mall, we struck up conversation wherever it seemed fit which coincidentally, is everywhere. There are so many moments to available to connect with a stranger that can serve as a nice reminder that we all bleed blood, shit our shit, and pronounce ‘gif’.

However, a conversation is never fun when it’s one sided. Try to spend less time “one-upping” one another, and try to listen. Don’t cut someone off abruptly, let them tell their side, and then add to it. So many times we just want to get our story told, that we tend to neglect the fact that in one way or another, our story is all the same. We’re born. We live, we laugh, we love and in the end, the conversation dies. That’s the natural way of life, as should be the natural way of conversation.

Try to start a “with” conversation with someone this week. You may be surprised just how far it gets you.

Stay piled.

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