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Woke up this Easter morning to a ton of treats from the Easter Bunny Don’t even care if they were unwrapped and spread across my floor. That’s nice of him!

The Top of the Bottom Pile delivered it’s first showcase this past Friday, 4/18, this sets the tone for what’s to come, I’m going to get sick of laughter. So sick, that the mere sound of it will make me wanted to drown Utah children. After awhile you can get so tired of something you love. Just ask your spouse.

We’d like to extend a gracious Thank You to Broadway Comedy Club for having us,cthe people who came in, both invited and off the street trusting that we were going to supply them with an evening of laughter. From the response afterwards, I do not think we disappointed.

This show was a culmination of hard work put forth. The people we’ve met, and extended our gratitude to. This show was an embodiment of support that we have given out and then garnered from both fellow business men and the community. We exhibited the traits of comedic professionals who had networked, marketed, and delivered with nary a lull; the practice of our routines.

Rehearsal however branched out further than that. We every day, simply spoke WITH people as opposed TO them. It’s a much warmer experience when there’s two-sided conversation.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and to everyone who considers to support us forward. Halfway through our one year goal and already results are tremendous. I’d cry, but my Gramps was in World War II and got his kneecap blown off but still laughed at a joke a Nazi told before he became a POW.

-<a title=”Top of The Bottom Pile” href=”http://www.topofthebottompile.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>Top of the Bottom Pile</a>