What you put into it, is what you get out of it. I learned this primarily by walking in on Stoney and Leigh sexin’ in the bathroom of a shady, possibly transgender, night club.

It’s hard to believe that almost 6 months ago we set out on this journey to take control of our own destiny, but here we are, in the midst of Spring and still applying our simple strategy to network, market and practice. To say we are living the dream would be unfair, because this is reality and we are taking this moment like we own it. We do in fact own it, and the way The Pile works, we deserve to have every bit of it.

That doesn’t mean we’ve reached the pinnacle by any means; there’s much more success out there to obtain however we keep a positive mental attitude, which keeps up achieving our goals. We don’t set anything too out of reach. Sensible, smart goals which help us take the necessary strides towards achieving the ultimate goal; to strengthen our brand through showing our faces, and thus giving that brand value. We haven’t demonstrated a single, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” tactic, and yet still results are seen.

The Pile gears up for a VERY busy April, which will see us in New York City more times this month than ever. When we first started, we’d go in for networking every so often, and an interview here and there. Now we are so busy, we have to set aside a budget just for expenses in April. As mucha s this sounds like a brag, it’s simply proof of what our hard work and attitude has helped us accomplish.

Stay piled, my friend.

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