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We’re trying to figure out which happens more often; Pile moments or Stoney sighing during one of us practicing our sets. The Pile moments are edging him out, but only slightly.

We are now 5 months into our 1 year commitment to becoming a stronger team of like minded individuals. This had led us to success not only in our personal brands, but our personal lives as well. Your life is essentially a business, and no one wants their business to fail so if you keep networking, keep marketing yourself, and practicing the ideas behind the mentality you can find laid out in this Word Press, failure is almost next to impossible.

As we prepare for our College Tour and our upcoming gigs, we add to this the people we have met along the way who have shared the ideas and components that have lead to their own individual success stories. These people, as I’ve stated, are businesses and instead of being at each other’s throats fighting for the spotlight, we share our moments in it and bask in the glow together.

Keep it tuned, because the first 365 days are only the start. With our DVD forthcoming, the content of our brand always churning, and dare we say.. a reality show?!.. the Pile grows. It’s almost as if hashtags were invented for #PileStyle solely.

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