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They say March roars in like a lion, but in reality it was just Leigh West farting against the dryer.

March sees the continuation of the mission that The Top of the Bottom Pile set out to achieve; success through numbers and hard work. Believe us when we say the proof is in the pudding.

Clubs continue to send us dates and our College tour is shaping up nicely. Our interview series continues to roll on as we are set to interview Comics well versed in the lifestyle of a New York City comic.

When combined with the mindset The Pile has always had, we will share this info with fellow comics so we can all achieve our goals together.

The Pile continued it’s interview series this past weekend at the always accommodating and lovely 206 Lounge with hilarious Comedian Pudge Fernandez.
Pudge is seen all over the city, and you can catch him performing at or selling tickets for the NYC Comedy staple, The Greenwhich Village Comedy Club.

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