This is what we do, thanks to 1 part of our Top of the Bottom Pile, Thomas J. Bellezza, for writing this additional entry into our life on the road to success!!!

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• Day 120 of 365

Inspire, involve, evolve, and motivate! That’s what we are seeing in our fourth month of excitement. Wow, four months have gone by. Each month seems incredibly unlikely that our plan is working. It is almost too far fetch that our task at hand, our game plan filled with such Specific S.M.A.R.T. Goals has lead us to this amazing moment. With each of the comedians making headway on their own frontier, our Top of the Bottom Pile adventure continues to gain momentum in a very positive way.

One major thing we really wanted to have happen was inspiration. Our actions were meant to see the thriving nature of success inside people grow and be motivated. Wishfully believing if we began a venture to success through a very unique perspective that others might follow in suit. So is happening, and we are excited others are joining the…

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