The Pile is currently hard at work trying to find a way to get the
‘Growing Pains’ theme to play whenever we get together.

We’re also hard at work planning a College Tour. Nothing gets our
rocks off more than performing, whether it be for the city folk,
or a bunch of Young Adults in halter tops, wherever we roll in,
we’re sure to have them rollin’.

It all fits into our brand. The more we get ourselves out there,
the more results we will see. Anyone can sit on their couch and
say “I’m funny”, but think of how differently that opinion would
be when it’s shared by others who believe in you. Better yet;
when it’s shared WITH people who believe in you.

First, you must believe in yourself. Have the courage to get off
the couch and explore the opportunities that are presented before
you. The World is yours for the taking, and through marketing and
branding, it’s yours to leave your stamp on.

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