Things we are doing! Love working with these guys.

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• Day 97 of 365

The beauty of team work changes everything. It helps each other fight any fears, or learn from the experience of one another. Having the strengths of individuals helping the weakness of others. We all have skills and in one week over 3 months, Top Of The Bottom Pile is completely accomplishing goals. We have set out to brand and network in this first 365 days. When shows come to us, we’ll take them as opportunities for marketing our b rand, and getting the proper PR to help establish our motion forward. Things I have fallen in love with is our comradery. We respect one another, and we are here for guidance. Molding our sets, great feedback, and most importantly teamwork in strides. 

Some things that have helped is our outreach to people we respect in the business. Those working hard to maintain success, and help…

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