This week the Pile sees a lot of the greatest city in the World; New York, New York as we are heading in not once, not twice but THRICE!

Start spreading the news; Merriment and Mortification has kicked off it’s 2014 run and the Pile couldn’t have been happier to have members Thomas J Bellezza and Roger Skai on it to celebrate! Hosted by the incomparable Maryssa Smith (as one of her many hilarious Characters, Lola) Otto’s Shrunken Head was rocked at the foundation with laughter.

One of our long time favorites and new friend Jeff Lawrence will be kind enough to do a sit down interview with us to share some of his experiences and knowledge that he has obtained through his years of doing Stand Up. We’ve always found him a very interesting and influential person so for him to take his time out to share that with us really means a lot. As we’ve stated before our mission is to network with like minded individuals who are all about a team mentality of helping each other reach their goals, and Jeff certainly knows how to be a team player!

Tuesday we mosey on out to The Laughing Buddha to partake in none other than Jeff Lawrence’s FREE Comedy Workshop! As mentioned before, Jeff is all about helping Comedians achieve their goals and what other way to prove his interest in developing Comics than giving his time to host a workshop free of charge? Jeff, along with special guest speakers, encourage you to join in the fun and skill building.

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