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Happy New Year to everyone from the Top of the Bottom Pile!

So as we plunge into 2014 like your toilet after Christmas Dinner with the in-laws, we also enter our third month with a team mentality that has seen more happen with organized effort and a business plan that sets aside the concept of egotistical actions of a person feeling they can do it alone. In a world with 7 billion people in it, no one is alone if they approach others and reach out.

This year is all about networking and marketing the world of Top of the Bottom Pile. While we have our goals and quest to make something from scratch, you too can make changes to see your life grow. Reach out to people. In fact, if you see us out there in the world reach out to us pile style and support the cause. The cause? Growth among the World with laughter and joy. We will be looking out for you as well!

Here’s to hoping your balls dropped!

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