It’s been two months since the incarnation of The Top of the Bottom Pile tour. Since that time, we’ve generated enough buzz to have several clubs throughout the Tri-State area interested in hosting our Brand.

The Pile would like to thank Jeff Lawrence (who’s Holiday party was a lot of fun) for inviting us to enjoy in the festivities. See http://www.laughingbuddhacomedy.com for upcoming events held at their venue!

This week continues the journey as we continue work on our DVD, and fellow member Thomas J Bellezza has been added to a fantastic lineup of Comedians on the ‘OMG’ show held monthly at the Broadway Comedy Club.

Through 2 meetings a week, networking, and most importantly hard work, we’ve constructed a strong foundation to build this success on. Ideas for handouts, skits, as well as new goals created while we accomplish current objectives are keeping this train rolling.

The only thing that can derail us is ourselves. A group of like minded individuals establishing individual goals and success under the umbrella of one unified effort.

That still remains our vision.

-<a title=”Top of The Bottom Pile” href=”http://www.topofthebottompile.com&#8221; target=”_blank”>Top of the Bottom Pile</a>